Gemometrics AB

”Gems’ validation in your pocket”

Gemometrics AB is based in Luleå which is the Northern Swedish high-tech hub where for instance Facebook has a prominent presence.

We provide professional users the means to efficiently determine whether a diamond, ruby, sapphire or emerald is natural, synthetic (man-made) or treated (visually improved to increase the value). The tool is portable, durable and reliable – and is used to validate gemstones.

The founder of Gemometrics AB is gemmologist and geologist Torbjörn Lindwall, who for more than 20 years has worked with identifying and valuing Gems and jewellery for Companies, Authorities and Private clients all over the world. Torbjörn is also Research Advisor at Luleå University of Technology and Tutor at London based Gem-A (Gemmological Association of Great Britain).

The initial idea was developed by Torbjörn Lindwall due to the increasing insecurity in validating gemstones. The financial risk that buyers of gemstones is faced with is significant and affects the whole market behaviour. We offer the best alternative to give gems their true value and to assure the safe trade of Gems throughout the whole supply-chain from mine to end-client!

Our Vision is to “Assure safe global trading of Gemstones”

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Peter Larsson
‭+46 72 - 560 48 88

Torbjörn Lindwall
CTO & Gemmolog
+46 70 - 570 51 08‬

Magnus Liarsgård
‭+46 70 - 733 73 76

Daniel Smirat
Business Developer
+46 ‭76 - 109 17 58

David Doms
Project Manager & Designer
+46 73 - 837 40 97

Members of the Board

Chairman of the Board
Sabrina Suikki

Torbjörn Lindwall, Gemometrics AB

Peter Ericson, Nordtoppen AB

Johan Sterte, Karlstad University

Mikael Edström, Partnerinvest Norr